Saturday, July 24, 2010


Crowned King at the baby contest! Yeah! Im so glad we decided to do it, it was actually kinda fun! Lots of cute babies there!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 4th at Bearlake with the fam!

JULY 4Th at Bearlake with the family! We just went up and spent the day on the beach the water was pretty cold but we still played in it! Jaxston and his cousin randy had fun with their water guns. In one of the pictures you see Jax squirting Dom. . but dominc didn't care. Im so glad my kids love the water! Patrick has been down in St.George with his uncle selling so he got to come down for the weekend and spend time with us! We are hoping to get a place of our own by the end of the year!

Padre Island and San Antonio Zoo!

San Antonio Zoo. . talk about huge and hot! But we had a lot of fun and the boys loved it. They even got to pet and brush some of the animals.

Fun on the Padre island! Dominic loved the sand both playing in it and eating it! Jaxston had fun playing in the water and jumping the waves with his dad!

Goodbye Texas :( just posting some of our last memories there

We went to the Texas Missions baseball game! It was so much fun and the boys loved it too! Jaxston even gave the ballapenjo(mascote)a high five! He's not afraid of anything!

Patrick teaching Jaxston how to swim in our pool at the apartment. What a fish that kid. . underwater and jumping off the sides of the pool. . . no fear!!!

SEAWORLD!!! Just a walk away! We had sooo much fun going to seaworld watching all the shows and getting splashed by shamu, riding rides and swimming at there water park! I never got a family picture how sad is that! We were just having to much fun to remember to pull out our camera. One of our favorite shows was the sea lions. They walked on there flippers, spanked their bums and blew kisses. It was very entertaining. But the best show is the shamu rock around the world! Lots of fun music and jamming out!!! We got on camera several times! Then we were SOAKED by shamu! The kids loved it. . water :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Jaxston's 2nd Birthday! (and my beautiful cake :)
The boys and I went back to Utah to visit our family while patrick had to stay in Texas to work. We didn't see each other for 5 weeks! Never again that was way to long! But it was nice to see family again :)

I got the privilege to choreograph my nieces solo, I am so proud of her! Its been nice for me to get some dancin back in my life! My sister did my other nieces solo and they both just took queen at their last compitition!!! woo hoo. . .way to go girls! love ya

Our visit to Utah. .

Easter egg hunt. . too cold for him to enjoy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rascal Flatts concert/ Rodeo!!!

Concert tickets for $10 bucks. . heck ya! We had a blast! It was Patricks first concert, he loved it. All of us girls were up dancin and screamin while the guys just sat there. All though Shane did get up and danced with Talese for a min. .haha that was funny!! Then after the concert we tried a deep fried TWINKIE! (very interesting. . but we liked it) They do weird stuff here. .deep fried cheese cake, snickers, oreos, and brownies!

Just some more fun pics. . .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More pics of the boys!

Dominic trying to crawl! He is gettin so big!
This is one of our favorite pics. . it looks like he is looking through a fish bowl! haha

Dominic played so hard he fell asleep on floor! He is moving all over now just not quite crawling yet. . he does push ups and face dives forward and he turns in circles. Him and Jaxston are interacting more. . we love to watch them!!

Dominic playing with Ben (one of the sales reps out here)

These are Jaxstons little buddies! We took them to a gymnastics place to play on the equipment. . Jaxston had a blast he loved the tramps! (its so hard to get them all to look at you and smile for the camera! )